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Blue Town, Johnson, Hickory Hill, Magnolia, Par en Haut, Riddle (Marksville Bicentennial #6)

Moncla and Prairie Communities

  • Moncla is an old steamboat community on the Red River in Avoyelles Parish. Located on the flood-safe prairie, it is the largest community of several small settlements north of Marksville, Louisiana in Ward Two. Communities include Blue Town, Gum Ridge, Par en Haut, Riddle, Johnson, Moncla, Magnolia, Hickory Hill, Avoyelles, and Red River. Family names include: Barbin, Barre, Bize, Bordelon, Brouillette, Chatelain, Cahauffepied, Dupuy, Edwards, Ford, Gaspard, Guillory, Laborde, Mayeux, Newton, Normand, Moncla, Johnson, Riddle, Saucier, and Williams.

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