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Murder in Cameron Parish

A Suzette Benoit Murder Mystery with The Holy Trio and Auntie Marie

By Nola Mae Ross

Marsh Gator Mystery

  • Sheriff Suzette Benoit of Cameron Parish is set to marry her fiance’, Deputy Phil Theriot, when an aircraft crash in her front yard, with a load of drugs on board, stops her dead. In addition, her fiance’ disappears in “The Big Swamp”, the most dangerous swamp in the parish. It is also the base for the drug runners who are using alligators to hide their drug supply.

    This time the three old men, Grandpere, Father John and Louie, known as the Holy Trio, are joined by an old woman, Auntie Marie, unbeknownst to Sheriff Suzette, to help solve the case. They use weapons like Rosaries and Strawberry Kool Aid to stave off the killers until the Sheriff Department arrives.

    Ten Cajun Recipes from the best cooks in Cameron Parish are included in this book, ranging from Crab Casserole and Stuffed Shrimp to Fig and Old Fashioned Tea Cake.

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