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Louisiana, Yesterday and Today A Historical Guide to the State

  • In Louisiana, Yesterday and Today, three veteran newspapermen examine the history and character of one of America’s most remarkable states. This comprehensive, entertaining work will inform natives of their rich heritage and familiarize others with the many sources of Louisiana’s special charm.

    In concise, thematic chapters, the authors discuss practically every aspect of Louisiana’s history. They explore in depth many specific events and eras, including the Louisiana Purchase, the Battle of New Orleans, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the rise of Huey P. Long. Illuminating Louisiana’s wonderfully polyglot character, they trace the cultural milieu from earliest Indian days through the French and Spanish regimes into statehood. They tell of the pirate Jean Lafitte and the voodoo queen Marie Laveau, of the state’s unique Cajun and Creole heritages, of the legendary red-light district of Storyville, and of the excitement and debauchery of Mardi Gras.

    As a bonus, the book provides an incisive look at the state’s 64 parishes as it portrays Louisiana’s history, population, economy, culture, and outstanding tourist attractions, evincing the diversity—most notably between north and south—that characterizes the state. An excellent guide for visitors who wish to learn about Louisiana’s past as well as its present attractions, Louisiana, Yesterday and Today will also beckon natives to rediscover their heritage and the cultural wonderland that exists in their own backyard. 

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