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Louisiana Wildlife Agents In Their Own Words

  • Wildlife agents prepare themselves for anything. In the blink of an eye, a routine arrest for hunting rabbits at night—a crime that carries only a nominal fine—can turn into a manhunt, with an officer’s life suddenly at risk. 

    In Louisiana Wildlife Agents, officers tell of the unimaginable dangers lurking in their supposedly mundane tasks as they police Louisiana’s bayous and backroads. The sequel to Game Warden: On Patrol in Louisiana, this book allows wardens to share their stories detailing the perils and pleasures of life behind the wildlife badge.

    Jerald Horst has compiled dozens of vivid anecdotes, including, among others, accounts of the grueling training academy for wildlife agents and the real dangers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, all told in the officers’ voices. Agents’ spouses also share their perspectives on the work of a wildlife guardian.

    Thrilling and amusing, at times heart-wrenching, but always life-affirming, the stories of Louisiana Wildlife Agents will instill in readers a new respect and appreciation for this challenging profession.

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