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Louisiana: The Land and Its People

  • Louisiana Culture Comes Alive! An in-depth discussion of Louisiana and the forces that have shaped it characterize Louisiana: The Land and Its People . Available from Pelican Publishing Company, the 560-page volume provides a comprehensive overview of Louisiana history, from the first Indian inhabitants through the Civil War and Reconstruction to modern times. Some 200 photographs and illustrations, including 45 maps, complement the text and encourage the reader to delve further into the background of Louisiana and its people. Ideal for classroom use (a teacher's guide is also available), Louisiana: The Land and Its People is much more than a textbook. Its detailed discussion of the factors that have molded the state provides insights into current issues and solutions. Everyone interested in understanding Louisiana both today and yesterday will benefit from reading this book. The authors, Dr. Sue Eakin and Mrs. Manie Culbertson, together have more than four decades of experience teaching Louisiana history. Dr. Eakin is a professor of history at Louisiana State University at Alexandria. Mrs. Culbertson served for 25 years with the Louisiana public school system teaching Louisiana history and social studies. Together, they bring a rich, fresh approach to analyzing the factors that have created modern Louisiana life.

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