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Much has been written on what happened in the several Southern states during the Reconstruction but very little has been done on the changes that took place after the Democrats ousted the Republicans from control. Reconstruction in Louisiana lasted longer than in any other state . . . Louisiana had suffered for fourteen years preceding 1876 when the courage and tact of Francis T. Nicholls drove the carpet-bag government from the state. . . .

The change from Radical to Democratic rule constitutes an important period in the history of Louisiana. The events during this transition cast their influence far into the post-Reconstruction years. The political technique used was to be effective for some time. Likewise, the political controversies that arose between factions of the Democratic party have been revived frequently in campaigns until recently.

Louisiana Redeemed: The Overthrow of Carpet-Bag Rule 1876-1880

  • Garnie W. McGinty, Ph.D. (1900-1984), was head of the department of history at Louisiana Tech University for thirty-five years. The university has named undergraduate and graduate scholarships and a history chairmanship in honor of McGinty. The Louisiana Historical Association has created a Garnie W. McGinty Lifetime Achievement Award.

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