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From the militia of colonial days to the National Guard of modern times, America�s citizen soldiers have symbolized the preparedness, the unselfish service, and the devotion to duty that have sustained the nation in war and peace. In times of grave national crisis, including wars, civil disorders, and natural disasters, these often unheralded patriots have served willingly, faithfully, and well. And, having contributed their special abilities to the task at hand, they returned to their citizen roles to await the next summons to duty. Here, for the first time, is the complete, detailed, documented history of the Louisiana National Guard, a facet of the state�s rich and colorful history that has never before been treated in depth. Author Evans J. Casso has woven an intricate tapestry of this continuing chronicle, drawing heavily upon extensive research from official state papers, archives, journals, narrative reports, and numerous personal interviews. With a disciplined historian�s eye, he traces the evolution of the Guard, from its forerunners of the frontier days to the highly trained, well-equipped organization of modern times. This work places in perspective the growth of the National Guard and the vital role it has played in the development of the Louisiana Territory, and later of both the state and the nation.

Louisiana Legacy: A History of the State National Guard

  • The grandson of a Venetian immigrant and a native of Donaldsonville, Casso has written widely on Louisiana topics. He is the author of Lorenzo , which is published by Pelican and acclaimed as an outstanding documentation of Italian immigration to Louisiana and the United States. A featured writer for the Italian-American Digest, Casso is past president of the New Orleans Civil War Round Table and has served on its executive committee. He also is a member of the Central Bonaparte Committee of Corsica and the Confederate Historical Society of Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, England. His articles have appeared in various historical and industrial trade journals. This volume features a foreword by the former Adjutant General of Louisiana, Major General O. J. Daigle, Jr., and includes a pictorial history of the Guard represented in full-color paintings by Robert M. Rucker and sketches by Captain J. Sidney Becnel, Jr., a chaplain of the Louisiana Army National Guard. Award-winning artist Charles Richards painted the included portrait of the adjutant general

  • ISBN: 156554546X
    6 x 9 Paperback
    292 Pages
    Published: April 30, 1999
    Features: Bibliography, Illustrated, Index

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