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Although there are numerous books about Louisiana, little information about the forts are included and none combines the forts with ghost stories. Louisiana has five distinct regions, and all have historic forts, ranging from French rule to Spanish, Confederate, Federal, and even Privateer. Each unique story is heightened by ghostly legends. The state is already a strong tourist attraction with a $5.2 billion business yearly, 87,000 employees in tourism, and a population of over 4,000,000.

Louisiana Haunted Forts

  • Elaine Coleman is author of Texas Haunted Forts and has driven over 50,000 miles marketing the book throughout Texas. Her second book, Texas Frontier Foods, published in November 2003, has already gone into a second printing. Her writing has been recognized by the West Texas Authors of Romance, Golden Triangle Writers Guild, and Abilene Writers Guild.

  • ISBN: 1589792394
    6 x 9 Paperback
    224 Pages
    Published: September 01, 2005
    Features: Bibliography, Index

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