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Mary Land

Louisiana Cookery

  • A classic cookbook loaded with signature dishes from all of Louisiana's rich cuisines Creole cuisine, Cajun cooking, and the sophisticated gumbo of New Orleans-can any state boast a fais-do-do in the kitchen like Louisiana's? Originally published in 1954, Louisiana Cookery is the classic cookbook documenting the good times Louisianans associate with great food and recipes. It's a timeless contribution to culinary history with entertaining and informative text that combines folklore, history, and over 1,500 recipes to emphasize Mary Land's belief that culture and cookery go hand-in-hand. In this book, Land collects, refines, and comments on recipes from all parts of Louisiana, from its bayous to its back alleys, from rural swampland to urban centers such as New Orleans and Shreveport. These delectable items include "Squirrel Head Potpie" and "Poached Alligator Tail," as well as gourmet pleasures from Creole haute cuisine. From banquet-sized meals to intimate dining, this book covers it all and adds a special emphasis on how to prepare Gulf Coast fish and game. The history of Louisiana's wines and spirits is also amply described with intriguing historical tidbits about the state's contributions to alcoholic beverages. The book reveals the recipes of numerous drinks unique to this area but now widely known and enjoyed. More than a simple cookbook, Louisiana Cookery offers commen-tary on and history of the dishes, including entertaining and informative accounts of how certain recipes were created, with quotes from chefs famous and unknown. Land's simple, witty style gives lucid insights into both Louisiana cuisine and the cultural roux from which it arises. Mary Land (1908-1991) was a folklorist, poet, chef, and outdoors enthusiast. Her writing was featured in numerous national magazines and newspapers and her books include New Orleans Cuisine, Shadows of the Swamp, and others.

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