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Cajun Steve is well versed in the Cajun culture having been born in New Orleans.


He shares highlights from some of his most memorable fishing and hunting trips in this book for readers of all ages. Stories of catching record-breaking fish, including a world record for a Mangrove Snapper that still stands, will have you yearning to explore the great outdoors. You'll also find:


  • Cajun Steve's favorite recipes, which make ample use of seafood and wildlife;
  • Cajun jokes that have been selected by Cajun Steve himself;
  • pictures of memorable adventures that you can embark on yourself;
  • inspirational religious scriptures that will help you overcome obstacles.

Get ready to have some old fashioned, clean fun, and experience the great outdoors that the Lord wants us to enjoy with Louisiana Cajun Adventures.

Louisiana Cajun Adventures

  • Cajun Steve attended gramma school at St. Anthony in Gretna, Louisiana, before attending Shaw High School in Marrero, Louisiana. He also studied at Delgado College and electrical engineering at Southeastern University in Hammond, Louisiana. Fifteen percent of the gross profits of this book will be donated to charitable organizations.

  • ISBN: 1458219208
    6 x 9 Paperback
    160 Pages
    Published: July 22, 2015
    Features: Illustrated

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