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Tony Olinger, a Rayne native, has previously coauthored Images of America: Rayne and Rayne's People and Places. For Images of America: Lost Rayne, vintage photographs were collected from the archives of the Rayne Independent and Rayne-Acadian Tribune newspapers, as well as from the private collections of many Rayne families. Thanks to these collections and others, Rayne's wonderful history is no longer lost.

Lost Rayne - Images of America

  • Rayne has always had the distinction of being a very progressive city. Once a building was worn or considered no longer modern, it was torn down, making way for a new structure to be raised in its place. Images of America: Lost Rayne has taken on the monumental task of preserving images of buildings, whether businesses or residences, that will allow future generations to see Rayne as it has changed during its 132-year history. Readers can almost smell bread baking at Privat's Bakery while sipping French drip coffee nearby at Paco's. Just around the corner, blocks of ice can be heard falling down their chutes at Jacque Weil's, along with the unmistakable sounds of the Lamson tubes at Mervine Kahn's. These landmarks may be long gone, but the memories will be forever etched in our minds.

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