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Compiled by Luella Bodin Broussard

Les Families Baudin/Bodin from Noirmoutier, France

  • This book is intended to document the lives of Baudin/Bodin and their descendants for the present, and the future Bodin's, so they can learn something of the family history, and how our ancestors lived in the past. The Bodin genealogy in this book, Baudin/Bodin descendants of Pierre Baudin, 1700, in France, and Jean Louis Bodin, 1761, form Noirmoutier, France, the first ancestor, to come to the United States to the Louisiana area. 

  • Luelle Bodin Broussard

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 882

    8.5x11 Hardcover

    Black and White, and color photographs, Black and White Illustrations

    Published in 2006

    ISBN: 978-1-952005-26-8

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