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The Catholic priest Father Royfrom Louisiana recounts his life and career via 83 anecdotes.

Lemme Tell You a Story: Memoirs of REV. Msgr. Allen J. Roy

  • ISBN: 1477264728
    6 x 9 Hardcover
    186 Pages
    Published: October 08, 2012
    Features: Illustrated

  • Father Roy was born in Hamburg, Louisiana in August, 1929. He is the oldest of four sons and the only one who answered the call to become a Roman Catholic Priest. Father Roy and his family moved a few times and finally settled in New Roads, Louisiana where he attended school and then he entered the Archdiocesan Seminary system. Now retired from active ministry after fifty-eight years, his residence is the St. John Vianney Villa retirement community for priests in Marrero, Louisiana in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. After fifty-eight years of active ministry no one would blame Father Roy for just taking it easy, but that does not seem to be Father Roy's way. He is as active today as when he was pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic Parish. From teaching scripture classes, to ministering to the elderly, to visiting friends and family, to harvesting his little garden, to ... the list goes on and on ... Father Roy is anything but idle. Beginning with a mother tongue of Acadian French, Father Roy encountered and learned various languages in his study, formation, ministry and now retirement. One of those languages was the language of music and its many dialects. His appreciation of those many forms of music and language has been and is a constant presence and enhancement to Father Roy's spirituality and prayer life. God gives everyone an abundance of gifts. It is our job to recognize those gifts and use them for the benefit all of God's people.

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