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Kalita's People A History of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians of Texas

  • 978-1-68593-083-7

    141 Pages



    Wise Publications


  • Kalita’s People, a History of the Alabama-­Coushatta Indians of Texas, is the first com­plete history between the covers of one book of the last distinct Indian tribe in Texas, once known for its numerous diverse tribes of aborigines.  
    Following an introduction in tribute to the tribe by former State Senator, Clem Fain, first honorary white chief of the Ala­bama-Coushatta Indians, the colorful story of these Indians is traced through four hun­dred and twenty-two years, from the time they were first recorded in history in 1541 during the siege by Hernando De Soto of their province in the territory now known as the State of Alabama, named for the valiant tribe bravely resisting the invasion of their homeland by Spanish troops. The Alabama with the Mobile Indians, fought Hernando De Soto’s army in one of the largest Indian battles that ever occurred in the area now known as the United States. The battle is vividly described in this book.  
    In addition to the history of the tribe, there is much other interesting information in the book: legends and customs of the tribe, accounts of their famous Chief Kalita, the work of devoted missionaries, the development of tribal education, and the friendship between the tribe and their “white Brothers” in Texas during the last one hundred and fifty years. 
     Documented evidence of long research in recording this story of the Alabama-Cou­shatta Indians of Texas gives it authenticity. This 1963 book is a significant addition to the history of American Indians.

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