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From Fort Mims to the Alamo, 1813-1836

Jackson, Crockett and Houston on the American Frontier

  • The 1813 storming of Fort Mims by Creek Indians brought to light the careers of Andrew Jackson, David Crockett and Sam Houston. All three fought the Creeks and each would have his part to play two decades later when the Alamo was stormed during the fight for Texan independence from Mexico. President Jackson was the first head of state to recognize the fledgling Republic of Texas. Colonel Crockett would be enshrined as a folk hero for his stand at the Alamo. General Houston won Texan independence at San Jacinto in 1836. This book tells the stories of the two landmark battles--at Fort Mims and the Alamo--and the interwoven lives of Jackson, Crockett and Houston, three of the most fascinating men in American history.

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