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True Tales from the Pelican State—from the longest Civil War battle to one of history’s worst man-made disasters

Louisiana is well known for its spicy gumbo, Cajun music, and horrific hurricanes, but few may know why Tarzan once swung through the piney woods, how an entrepreneur used a land auction to build a town in a day, or how one man’s vision drew thousands of miracle-seekers to an empty field for over twenty years. It Happened in Louisiana goes behind the scenes to tell these stories and many more, in short episodes that reveal the intriguing people and events that have shaped the Pelican State.

  • Discover how a well-drilling job gone awry turned an entire freshwater lake into a 1,300-foot-deep saltwater pit—and temporarily created the state’s tallest waterfall—in a matter of 48 hours.


  • Relive the night that a life-changing performance finally put a world-famous rock 'n' roll legend on the path to fame.


  • Learn the many disturbing reasons that one Louisiana prison—which today has its own radio station and annually hosts the longest-running prison rodeo in the United States—was once named the “worst prison in America.”


  • Read about a determined, compassionate doctor from New Orleans who created a place of refuge and healing in his attempt to cure societal castaways who suffered from “the illness you do not talk about.”

It Happened in Louisiana: Remarkable Events That Shaped History

  • Bonnye Stuart is a ninth-generation New Orleans, Louisiana, native. She got her BA in advertising from the Manship School of Journalism at Louisiana State University and received her MA in communication from the University of New Orleans. She has been teaching at the university level for 26 years and at Winthrop University for 14 years. She teaches public relations, corporate communication, and international communication in the Department of Mass Communication. Before teaching she worked as a public relations professional for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She has had short stories, poems, and historically based stories and biographies published and has had several plays produced. Stuart is the author of It Happened in New Orleans, More than Petticoats: Remarkable Louisiana Women, and Louisiana Curiosities (all Globe Pequot) and Discovering Vintage New Orleans and Haunted New Orleans (both Rowman & Littlefield). She enjoys travel and viewing the world from various global perspectives. She has interviewed PR professionals in France, England, Greece, Thailand, and Singapore. Her research interests focus on the power of media images, specifically their early influence on the Troubles of Northern Ireland and their role as agent for social change. She is married to Laurence P. Stuart, and they have four married children and 10 grandchildren.

  • ISBN: 0762771917
    6 x 9 Papeback
    192 Pages
    Published: September 03, 2015
    Features: Maps, Bibliography, Index

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