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An area that was once defined and governed as one large parish, Imperial Calcasiue is now divided into five separte parish: Calcasieu, Cameron, Allen, Beauregard, and Jeff Davis. Images of America celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country.

Images of America- Imperial Calcasieu

  • The common history shared by the communites of Imperial Calcasieu is brought to life through vintage images in this fascinating collection of memories. Included in Imperial Calcasieu are photographs depicting the early railroads built in the area, the development of sulphur mining, the transportation of lumber along the Calcasieu River, the rich oil fields, and the rice industry that developed on the coastal praries of Western Louisiana. This volume also recalls several memorable events, such as the hurricane of 1918 and the Great Lake Charles Fire of 1910. The pioneer settlers and community leaders who shaped the identity of Imperial Calcasieu are celebrated within these pages, and both their triumphs and setbacks will continue to teach and inspire future generations.

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