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These crimes are vividly depicted in this first comprehensive book about Derrick Todd Lee. I've Been Watching You?The South Louisiana Serial Killer dramatically tells the story of Lee's life and follows the timeline of his reign of terror over South Louisiana. Readers will become intimately acquainted with the seven victims who have been linked to Lee by DNA, along with the frustrated investigators who could not catch this diabolical killer. This recounting also details the murders of ten other women who were not connected by DNA, but whom these authors believe should be included on the list of Lee's victims due to strong circumstantial evidence.

I've Been Watching You: The South Louisiana Serial Killer

  • Susan D. Mustafa

    Susan D. Mustafa is the former managing editor of City Social magazine, a monthly lifestyles publication in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She graduated cum laude from Southeastern Louisiana University with a degree in mass communication and journalism. Susan's talent has been recognized nationally, earning her numerous awards for writing and editing, including the highest award granted by the Southeast Journalism Conference for Public Service in Journalism.

    Because she lived in Baton Rouge during the time of the serial killings and wrote features about events as they progressed for City Social, Susan was uniquely qualified to write I've Been Watching You. She suffered with the victims' families and advised the public on safety concerns. Susan lived the fear of the city and has translated not only the graphic details of the murders in an intense timeline, but the emotion, the terror, and the heartbreak as well. In this true story, Susan takes the reader on a chilling journey into the diabolical world of a serial killer.

    Tony Clayton

    As the special prosecutor of the South Louisiana Serial Killer for the murder of Geralyn DeSoto, Tony Clayton brings a unique point of view to this book. Tony earned his Juris Doctorate from Southern University, graduating cum laude. He currently serves as the parish attorney for West Baton Rouge Parish. His distinguished history includes the positions of special prosecutor for East Baton Rouge Parish, district court judge in the Nineteenth Judicial District, assistant district attorney for East Baton Rouge Parish, and instructor of pre-law at Southern University. After more than fifty trials, Tony's prosecutorial record is unblemished.

    Tony possesses an intimate knowledge of the "behind the scenes" investigation into Derrick Todd Lee. He followed each case closely and worked with investigators and prosecutors in the numerous jurisdictions where murders were committed. His knowledge concerning all of the investigations gives readers an insight not normally available in many true crime books.

    Sue Israel

    Sue Israel's writing and editing experience spans more than twenty years, culminating in her position at City Social as editorial director. Her professional background includes service as director of education and publications for a non-profit organization and automation coordinator for a state government agency. She is currently working for the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism to help bring the state's tourism industry back after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

    Having lived in Baton Rouge for more than forty years, Sue brings to this book the flavor of Louisiana. Her knowledge of the area, its people, and its history provided a wonderful backdrop for the drama. Sue's attention to detail ensured that each scene was accurately portrayed, while her talent and tenacity for research left no stone unturned.

  • ISBN: 142591327X
    6 x 9 Paperback
    312 Pages
    Published: January 23, 2005

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