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The Life Stories Of The Residents Of The Bolivar Peninsula, Texas: September 13, 2008: The Day That Changed Our Lives Forever! 

Hurricane Ike

  • Hurricane IKE wiped out the entire Bolivar Peninsula of Galveston County, Texas leaving a mere ''bomb explosion'' effect on the community. It took over two week before residents where allowed onto their ravished properties, to see the horrendous destruction. It was a nightmare to all that returned. There are stories of our residents that stayed during the storm thinking it was only a Category 2 Hurricane. This book is dedicated to the stories that we will never hear and to all of the survival stories that we are thankful that we do have.

    The residents of the Bolivar Peninsula, Texas went through a life time experience with Hurricane IKE. On September 13, 2008, Hurricane IKE ravished the entire Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. It left the peninsula bare as if a bomb had exploded. The entire Gulf of Mexico churned with winds reaching 275 miles from the eye. The gulf side of Florida witnessed miles of beaches as the ocean was entirely submerging the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas. The residents of the Peninsula have our own unique stories and memories to share through each of our individual eyes. We lived through the unbelievable, the unknowing, the destruction, the loss, the love, the spiritual and the comeback! These are our stories, as our entire lives changed within a blink of an eye!

  • Author: Sarah Terry Standridge

    ISBN: 978-1440198458

    Pages: 176

    Type: Paperback

    Size: 7.5 x 0.4 x 9.25 inches

    Released: 2010

    Publisher: iUniverse

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