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Hineston Louisiana was a small pioneer community between Alexandrea and Leesville. Mr. Hines established the first store there in about 1810. Located on the border of the infamous Buffer Strip its tough settlers are profiled through the exciting tales of the Hineston Fight, the Westport Fight, and the Rawhide Fight.

Historic Hineston: A History of Hineston, Louisiana

  • ISBN: 9781952005657
    6x9 Hardcover
    202 Pages
    Published: 2021
    Features: Photos, Maps, Footnotes, Bibliography

  • Historian Don Marler has researched a well footnoted story that reports on local Native Americans, Spanish Explorers, the times during the wars, and the Timber Boom. Included are hand drawn street maps, photos, lists of family names, & information on the many surrounding communities.

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