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My Life, Love, and Legacy of the Sport of Racing

Martin Leon Brown

Head Land to the Promised Land

  • In this exciting book, the famous black jockey, Martin Brown, tells of his colorful career in horse racing. His story begins in the 1950s as a young boy on Louisiana dirt tracks and leads him to success at Fairgrounds nationwide for over fifty years.

    Readers will enjoy exciting tales of horse falls and broken bones, tangles with track stewards, drugs and violence in the sport, and U.S. life in the turbulent '60s. Also included are his first-hand experiences and many life lessons of life behind the clubhouse. Included in this volume are his times helping the first female black jockey are a section on other famous American black jockeys from the past.

  • Martin Leon Brown

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 168

    6x9 Hardcover

    Black and White Photographs and Illustrations

    Published in 2018

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