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Patricia Keeny Geyh, Joyce Soltis Banachowski, Linda K. Boyea, Paricia Sarasin Ustine, Marilyn Holt Bourbonais, Beverly Ploenske LaBelle, Francele Sherburne, SSND, Karen Vincent Humiston

French-Canadian Sources: A Guide for Genealogists

  • A quick survey of the landscape of French-Canadian genealogy source books exposes a disheartening lack of options for English-speaking researchers. This comprehensive tome fills that void. Packed with detailed coverage of the most important primary and secondary sources, French-Canadian Sources is the perfect resource for jump-starting your quest for information on ancestors who lived in the French-Canadian area of southeastern Canada.

    Spectacular research results in French-Canadian genealogy are possible only if you know where to find the records, and how to use them when you do. This book is your ultimate guide.

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