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Frank Davis Makes Good Groceries!: A New Orleans Cookbook

  • The Frank Davis Gulf Coast Seafood Cookbook is perhaps the most comprehensive cookbook available for seafood. This isn't surprising, because for years, Frank Davis has been a renowned authority on the subject. According to noted New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme, Frank Davis is the "number-one authority on cooking and eating the fresh fish and game of Louisiana." This cookbook is packed with a wealth of information on all aspects of preparing seafood, including buying, serving, freezing, and preserving, as well as a detailed discussion of basic ingredients and spices and rating of the food worthiness of nearly 250 species of edible fish caught in U.S. waters. Davis's recipes include traditional Cajun, Creole, and Italian favorites, using fish, crab, crawfish, oysters, shrimp, and mixed seafood, with a few alligator dishes thrown in for good measure.

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