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This book contains over 25 years of genealogical research of the Carmon, Campbell and Fontenot Families of Southwest Louisiana. Louisa John, a former slave, mothered three sets of children. Her history as well as the histories of the fathers who parented the children were investigated. She had ten children and each has been chronicled with pictures, civil documents, interviews, church records, etc. in a concise narrative. As a number of generations have passed since her birth, she has had over 22,000 descendants as of 2016.

Family Connections: - A Genealogy of the Carmon, Campbell, & Fontenot Families

  • In 1989, Phyllis Pitre Lastrapes began investigating information that she had learned as a child. The information concerned a European man who fathered four children with a slave in Louisiana. It was reported that once he left the area, he conveyed property to her to take care of his children. That began my quest. Thus, I have gone to numerous places to search the European man and the slave who had his children. Each of my five publications is a continuation of previous books. Since she had a total of ten children overall, each of the fathers involved in parenting these children was investigated.

  • ISBN: 153477517X
    8.5 x 11 Paperback
    248 Pages
    Published: June 17, 2016
    Features: Historical Documentation, Historical Photography

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