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Evangeline for Children

  • "Vivid paintings illustrate this story. The story, . . . the notion of a lifetime of unrequited love, may seem old-fashioned, but perhaps romance never truly goes out of style." --Children's Literature In the shadow of enemy British ships, Evangeline and Gabriel invite all the Acadian villagers to come dance and celebrate young love at the couple's engagement party. Instead of wedding toasts, the British shout out a proclamation saying, Because you refused to honor your new ruler, the King of England, His Majesty commands that all of your possessions be taken from you and that you be sent far away to distant lands. Shouting soldiers rip children from their mothers' arms, and Gabriel and Evangeline are pushed onto separate ships. Evangeline spends years searching and praying for a safe reunion with her one true love, Gabriel. She follows Indian guides and smoke trails only to find she has again missed Gabriel by a few days. And while her youth and beauty gradually faded, her love for Gabriel never died. Read Evangeline for Children to see how these Acadian souls are finally united as one.

  • ISBN: 9781565547094

    Format: Hardcover

    Publisher: Pelican Publishing

    Images: 31

    Pages: 32

    Dimensions 8.5"x11"

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