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Ever since the introduction of railroads into virgin Louisiana forests during the 1890’s, forest products have remained a chief influence over the state’s culture, politics, and economy. As a new and thriving industry in the early 20th century, sawmills provided a livelihood to thousands of workers and their families along the Louisiana-Texas Borderlands. The development of sawmills during this period and the towns which thrived around them remain a relic of the past, leaving behind a rich culture that is often forgotten along with the once booming communities that only survive now as ghost towns. Refusing to let this abundant history die, author, W.T. Block, allows readers to rediscover the names, places, and profound impact of sawmills through this publication.

Early Sawmill Towns of the Louisiana-Texas Borderlands

  • ISBN: 9781952005640
    6x9 Hardcover
    288 Pages
    Published: originally 1996, re-published 2021
    Features: Photos, Endnotes, Index

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