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Denham Springs - Images of Louisiana

  • In 1828, William Denham, a native of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, traveled south to a village on a ridge along the Amite River. Denham built a house and became a planter in the area. He became close to his neighbor Alexander Hogue and later married Hogue's daughter Mercy. After a few years, Hogue sold his 640-acre land claim to Denham. Denham discovered a group of mineral springs on his land, and his settlement grew. After Denham's death, the settlement was known as, at various times, Amite Springs, Hill's Springs, and Denham Spring. Denham Springs is the largest municipality in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. This book chronicles the 110-year history of this ever-growing city as it continues to develop, including the daily life of early residents, fashion, floods, places of worship, and shopping.

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