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Crazy on the Bayou: Five Seasons of Louisiana Hunting, Fishing, and Feasting

  • “As much of the rest of the world is finally waking up to the smart return to a proper diet of grass-fed, free-range, and organic, the hunting families of the world can’t help but snicker a cocky smirk knowing damn well what we knew all along: that wild game is the ultimate nutritional fun diet. My spirit-of-the-wild bayou blood brother Humberto Fontova celebrates this self-evident truth with aplomb and cocksureness in his wonderful new killer book, Crazy on the Bayou: Five Seasons of Louisiana Hunting, Fishing, and Feasting. Humberto is the real McCoy and when he and his blood brothers unite for their voracious tooth, fang, and claw orgy of reasoning, predator killin’, and grillin’, they prove there is no party like a bayou party. What a wonderful quality-of-life upgrade everyone could experience if they would only get crazy on the bayou like the rest of us!”
    ―Ted Nugent Take a trip with outdoorsman and writer Humberto Fontova and his companions as they boat through the marshes of America’s Sportsman’s Paradise, scouting wild game and warding off intruders. Fontova thrills with this new episode featuring his rambunctious cast of friends from the books that spawned the Travel Channel magazine series “Destination Danger.” Front-jacket photograph by Pelayo Pelaez

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