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Cole and Some Related Families: Rentfroe, Curtis, Courtney, Hayes, Simmons, Hall, Hebert

Cole Foot Prints

  • Cole Foot Prints is a well researched genealogy from 1701 England, to first Pennsylvania, and then across America to eventually Texas & Louisiana. This volume includes: well-documented sources, many legal documents & wills, and a 2,200 name index. The author has also collected a wealth of colorful tales from family lore.

    “Elizabeth Cole married Thomas Willcox, a native of Devonshire, England in 1727. They settled in Concord Township, near Philadelphia. They established Ivy Mills, one of the first paper factories in Colonial America. Their mill furnished paper to Benjamin Franklin, to all of the Colonies, and for Government Currency during the Revolution. It is owned by a direct descendant to this day..."

  • Author: Camellia T. Denys

    ISBN: 978-1-952005-46-6
    8.5 x 11 Hardcover
    370 Pages
    Published: 1983
    Features: Black and White Photos, Maps, Documents, Sketches, Pedigrees, Index

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