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The Civil War veterans of Catahoula served in just about every major theatre of the war, from local battles to far way battles in Gettysburg and Virgninia. Many were volunteers, others were conscripts or draftees. This book is compilation of several hundred service records of the soldiers who have a connection to Catahoula Parish. Included for many of these soldiers are biographical information and a portrait when available.


Many of the men are part of the following Confederate units- Units with Catahoula Men: 1st Battalion, Trans-Miss. Cavalry 1st Louisiana Cavalry 1st LA Heavy Artillery 2nd Battn LA Hvy Arty 3rd Louisiana Cavalry 8th Louisiana Cavalry 11th Battalion, LA Inf. 13th LA Infantry 15th Louisiana infantry 17th Louisiana Infantry 25th Louisiana Infantry 28th LA Infantry 31st Louisiana infantry Illustrations include: BASS, Esaw, Harrisonburg Co. B 3rd LA Inf BENNETT, Henry Seth, Moved to Texas BLACKMAN, John Sally, 14th Battalion, LA BLACKMAN, Joseph A. 1st Tran. Miss Battn. BLACKMAN, Zachariah, Co. I, 15th LA Infantry BOOTHE, William C, Mississippi Artillery CLARK, Stephen C. Wounded at Murfreesboro, Tennessee DITTO Captain William Lego, 1st Cavalry DOSHA, John, 11th LA Infantry, EZELL, Jefferson, M. D., 3rd LA Cavalry GIBSON, Dr. Drury P., Confederate Surgeon, Trinity GIRLINGHOUSE, C. H., 31st LA Inf. German immigrant HEARD, John William HOLLAND, Robert Peter, 1st LA Cavalry, Trinity HOLSTEIN, King Gibson, Wood’s Cavalry HUMBLE, John Carter, 25th Regiment, LA Inf. HUMPRIES, Ben Franklin Native of Catahoula HUSBANDS, James Berry, 31st LA inf HOLSTEIN, King Gib, Woods Cav, Bondurant’s 15th LA Cav JONES, Norris Wright, Co. D, 3rd LA Cavalry, Lasalle Parish LIDDELL, John R., Brig. General, Schoolmate of Jeff Davis MAXWELL, William Pemperton, La Cav & Mississppi Art. McCARTHY, Joshua, Pvt., Co. A, Hillard’s Legion, Alabama McCLENDON, Willia M, Co. I, 13th Texas Cavalry, Walker’s NETHERLAND, Levi Jack, Mississippi Light Artillery OGLE, Volney, Co. K, 1st LA Cavalry PAUL, Preston M. 31st LA Infantry Regiment PAUL, William Franklin, Co. G, 11th LA Infantry, POOLE, Wade Petty, Co. C, 28th La Inf (Grays) SCOTT, Samuel Charles, Captain, Died in Kentucky SIMMONS. Edmond, 11th La Inf. SMITH, James Luther, Trinity SPENCER, William B., Captain, 11th Battalion TALIAFERRO, Henry Bullard, 1st & 2nd La Regt, Union TAYLOR, A. J., 1st Battln Trans-Miss Co, WHATLEY, Elisha, 31st Louisiana Infantry WILLETT, Chares, Capt, native of Ohio. 2nd LA Scounts.

Catahoula Confederates: A roll call of the Catahoula Parish men who served

  • Randy DeCuir was born and raised in Texas to a French Creole father and a Louisiana Anglo-Saxon mother, he has spent his adult life in his father's native Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. Authoring his first book at age 18, he has an intense interest in regional history and recording the undocumented history and descendants of of the forgotten French Creole first settlers of Louisiana.
    He has been in the small newspaper industry his entire career, including publishing the Avoyelles Journal which he founded at age 23. The Journal remains one of the largest free circulation newspapers in the state of Louisiana. A graduate of LSU in journalism, he and his wife Susan have three children and four grandchildren. They enjoy life along the bayous and rivers of Louisiana.

  • ISBN: 1497584272
    6 x 9 Paperback
    206 Pages
    Published: April 10, 2014
    Features: Illustrated

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