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Carencro - Images of America

  • The city of Carencro is nestled in the heart of Cajun country in southern Louisiana. The earliest date in the records of the St. Pierre Genealogical Society is 1765, when exiled Acadians settled in the Attakapas District in an area then known as the Carencro Prairie. Many arrived under a cattle agreement, but settlers also desired to farm the land of the prairie. From the beginning, the area has been rich in faith, strong in personality, and successful from years of surviving the trials of life. The prairie was later called St. Pierre, the French name for St. Peter. Today, St. Peter's Catholic Church sits in the hub of the city, as it has for decades. As the years have passed, Carencro has stayed true to its founding fathers. It is a place that constantly grew and embraced change while staying steadfast in the faith that was brought by the first settlers.

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