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Life is a journey. And the Koasati people have walked a long trail. In fact, they have been called “The Lost People”. 

Cane Basket Weavers of the Coushatta Tribe

  • The journey made by the Koasati Tribe, also known as Coushatta Native Americans, was a long trek from upper Alabama, across Mississippi, through Louisiana, into East Texas, and finally back to Louisiana. Following such a difficult trail, it was the smartest decision for the Koasati to travel as light as possible. They wove light duty baskets out of split river cane to carry their most valuable items from state to state. These baskets became much more than just a basket to the Koasati Tribe, they became a traditional way of culture, a work of art, and a skill that was passed down to many generations throughout the years. To this day, young Coushatta Natives are still learning the art of basket weaving. In this book, you will find many photographs of authentic Koasati woven baskets, and the meanings behind each pattern woven into them. 

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