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Barry Jean Ancelet, Jay Edwards, and Glen Pitre

Cajun Country

  • The first book in the Folklife in the South series and by far the broadest look at traditional Cajun culture ever assembled. It not only describes the traditions as they are but also explains how they came to be.


    "This first volume of the Folklife in the South Series provides an insightful study of the Cajun people of south Louisiana. It successfully attempts to portray their characters by presenting the traditional culture of Cajun country and examining the effects of tradition on modern ways. Although several books are available on various aspects of Cajun culture, this title offers a comprehensive survey of the history, social institutions, material culture, and recreational activities of this unique ethnic group. It is further distinguished by the sound scholarship of folklorists and historians whose writings have been gracefully assembled under one cover. References to source materials are contained within the text, avoiding the use of footnotes and broadening the book's appeal. Researchers will appreciate a discussion of the sources in the bibliographical essay. Highly recommended." --Eloise R. Hitchcock, Tennessee Tech University Library, Cookeville "Library Journal"

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