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Butterflies of Louisiana A Guide to Identification and Location

  • Butterflies abound in every region of the Bayou State, and with this authoritative resource in hand, both the experienced and novice butterfly watcher can identify a frequent backyard visitor or pinpoint the haunts of a particular species. With a long flight season stretching from late February to early November, Louisiana offers an abundance of opportunities to observe the 154 native species of butterflies, whose habitats range from coastal prairies to swampland to northern piney woods.

    Craig Marks provides a wealth of information about each species’ physical appearance, behavior, and location based on numerous documented sightings around the state. A replete resource tailored specifically to Louisiana, the guide also features:

    • Multiple color photos of each species
    • Parish distribution map for each species
    • Identification keys
    • Tips on butterfly watching and gardening
    • Life cycle basics
    • Best natural areas in the state for seeing butterflies
    • Explanation of official butterfly counts
    • Appendix of other possible species in Louisiana
    • Appendix of common and scientific names of host plants
    • Glossary of scientific terms
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