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Swept away by a hurricane shortly after his birth, Boudreaux the mosquito has one biting question that needs to be answered: what are mosquitos supposed to eat? Across the swamps of Louisiana he goes, determined to find a breakfast fit for a pest. Unfortunately for Boudreaux, not a single animal is able to help: The alligator tells him to ask the wolf, who tells him to ask the bear, who tells him to ask the wild hog. Before he knows it, Boudreaux has exhausted his wings buzzing from one ear to the next, and he's still no closer to finding his first meal! He finally receives a very intriguing answer . . . but what will become of Boudreaux when he tests this theory?

Boudreaux the Louisiana Mosquiteaux

  • Author Stacy Bearden’s buzzy baby mosquito will entertain children with the many questions he asks. Alliteration and repetition are just right for little ears and provide a thrilling way for kids to experience verse for the first time.

  • ISBN: 1455622478
    8 x 8 Paperback
    Published: July 20, 2017
    Features: Illustrated

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