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Bossier City

  • Bossier City sprung up around cotton fields, railroads, steamboats, and factories as the little town across from Shreveport. Today, the city thrives as the fastest growing in Louisiana. The tight-knit community of citizens who have called Bossier City home for several generations has grown to include an influx of newer transplants and Air Force personnel. "Old Bossier" remains the heart of the city, and its established families and businesses are proud to retain the simple nature of the past. This book remembers days of community and closeness, capturing the era when people built their own houses out of materials they had, walked downtown to a diner or market, and saw the first bomber fly overhead. This collection captures 1920s architecture, hardworking residents, and downtown roots but also celebrates the emergent and progressive nature of Bossier City. Today, the arts are flourishing, the stores are busy, the Barksdale Air Force Base is the jewel of the city, and the strong community identity is continually evolving.

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