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The Birding Pro's Field Guide series introduces a number of innovative, never-before-seen features to the birding field guide scene. This highly accessible field guide gives the most complete description available for each species' daily life and behavior, and each entry also includes a month-by-month birding forecast and a full page of highly identifiable color photographs. Perfect for novices and intermediates, but also serves as an invaluable reference for advanced birders.


Birds of Louisiana (The Birding Pro's Field Guides)

  • Featuring the 152 most common birds to Louisiana

    Sorted by size, for quick and easy IDs

    Birding forecast for each species, every month of the year

    Extended sections on behavior, diet, habitat, nesting, and so much more

    Bird feeding guide customized for each species

    Hundreds of fun facts and answers to FAQs

    Full page of beautiful, colorful photos for each species

    Tips to become a better birder

  • ISBN: 1954228287


    336 pages

    8.5 x 5.5

     Naturalist & Traveler Press, 2022

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