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Genealogical Record of Mary Ann Ryan Reeves Family, the Last Child of The John Jacob Ryan Family

Beyond Journey's End

  • Mary Ann Ryan Reeves, 1818-1911, was the eleventh & last child of John Jacob Ryan, founder of Lake Charles, Louisiana. She was the first pioneer child born on the West side of the Calcasieu River, in Vincent Settlement on Bayou D'Inde. At that time, the area was administered under Spanish Territory. Author Gladys Greene has researched the many descendants of Mary Ann’s twelve children, two of which were killed during the war between the states. A third son and large number of their cousins were also lost to the fighting.

    “Business men in the early days found in the abstracts that ‘Uncle Jake’ had first sold property along what is now Ryan Street, while sitting leisurely in his mill on the lake front, to people who measured it off themselves with a length of rope he furnished.” 

    This genealogy is well documented and includes a 900 name index of descendants.

  • Author: Gladys Greene

    ISBN: 978-1-952005-76-3
    8.5 x 11 Paperback
    94 Pages
    Published: 2010
    Features: Black and White Photos, Documents, Index

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