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Dusty diaries, family letters and treasured memorabilia found in a moldy New Orleans basement, reveal the lives of five generations and connect the author with her family's past in a way no history book ever could. These ancestors were formed into shadowy flesh-and-blood people she would recognize on the street if she passed them.

Bayou Roots: Legacy of a Louisiana Family

  • April is a freelance writer, networker, and genealogist. She has written and designed materials for the widowed, taught newsletter design, and spoken at fundraising events for the elderly and homeless. The recent discovery of hundreds of letters and journals written by generations of women in her family fueled a passion for preserving their stories. She enjoys historical, biographical, and Christian novels. Living in the mountains of Colorado are a balm to her soul.

  • ISBN: 0692049762
    6 x 9 Paperback
    190 Pages
    Published: February 18, 2018

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