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Bayou-Diversity 2: Nature and People in the Louisiana Bayou Country

  • In this sequel to his previous exploration of Louisiana’s bayou country, conservationist Kelby Ouchley continues his journey through the vast ecosystems of the state with a fresh array of historical and cultural narratives, personal anecdotes, and reflections. Informative and entertaining, Bayou-Diversity 2 revisits familiar flora and fauna like endangered black bears, infamous feral hogs, and the ghostly bald cypress forest and also explores a new selection of plants and animals, including orchids, eels, bullbats, and cottonmouth snakes.

    Ouchley’s thought-provoking discussion considers the long-term human impact on Louisiana plants and wildlife and encourages proactive conservation of Louisiana’s invaluable natural resources. Through education on conservation ethics, altered landscapes, and climate change, he asserts that we can and must improve our environment. “We are inextricably connected to the natural world,” Ouchley writes, and “our mutual well-being is inseparably linked.”

    With page-turning narration, Bayou-Diversity 2 provides a comprehensive look at this awe-inspiring ecosystem and encourages generations of readers to take on the responsibility of environmental stewardship.

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