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Barksdale Air Force Base

  • Established in 1933 as the "World's Largest Airport," Barksdale Air Force Base covers 23,000 acres of Northwest Louisiana and is one of our nation's greatest military assets today. It was originally named for a true American airpower pioneer, Lt. E. Hoy Barksdale, and now has a population of over 7,000 military and civilian citizens. Barksdale has cultivated some of America's best Air Force leaders and national heroes and is the proud home of the legendary B-52 bomber.

    Images of America: Barksdale Air Force Base covers the history of the base from 1924 to the present with over 200 moving black-and-white photographs, many that have never been published before. This vivid history of United States military aviation includes everything from World War II to the Korean War, from the skies over Vietnam to alerts in the Cold War, from the sands of the Persian Gulf to the mountains of Kosovo, and on into the present-day War on Terrorism.

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