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Assumption Parish - Images of America

  • Nestled along Bayou Lafourche just south of the Mississippi River, Assumption Parish boasts a particularly bountiful heritage as an ancient and proud community. Descendants of founding families still live and thrive in the community. They read the Assumption Pioneer, the same weekly journal their ancestors read. Sportsmen enjoy Lake Verret, Bayou Lafourche, and Belle River, just as their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did. Plentiful natural resources made settlement possible for the fishing communities near Pierre Part. Establishment of the community was strengthened by such resources, especially the lush, rich alluvial soil, which made much of the parish prime property for the burgeoning sugar industry of the 1800s. In fact, sugar is still the primary crop grown in the region. The convenience of commerce transportation along Bayou Lafourche was pivotal in forming Assumption Parish's communities. Residents have enjoyed hunting, fishing, and farming here since the parish's establishment in 1807.

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