Artistry of Louisiana Decoy Carvers: Old and Contemporary

  • Artistry of Louisiana Decoy Carvers presents decoys, old and contemporary and made by Louisiana carvers, as museum-quality art. With stunning photographs and detailed descriptions, the book illustrates the three basic types of decoys in full-size as well as miniature. An informative chapter on hunting decoys carved by Louisiana's Old Masters highlights pieces from the largest and best private collection in the state, while another features miniature replicas in the style of the Old Masters made by a number of Louisiana's best contemporary carvers.

    Novice collectors will find guidance here, as well as an essay by Louisiana's preeminent decoy authority that offers invaluable advice to collectors of Louisiana decoys of all experience levels. Most importantly, this book discusses the existential threats to decoy carving in Louisiana and offers concrete suggestions for saving this unique and culturally important artform from extinction.

  • ISBN: 9781946160737


    120 pages

    8 x 10

    University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2021