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Edited by: Duncan P. McKinnon, Jeffrey S. Girard, and Timothy K. Perttula


Ancestral Caddo Ceramic Traditions

  • Finely decorated ceramic vessels made for cooking, storage, and serving were a hallmark of Native Caddo cultures. The tradition began as many as 3,000 years ago among Woodland-period ancestors, thrived between c. 800 and 1800, and continues today in the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. In Ancestral Caddo Ceramic Traditions, eighteen experts offer a comprehensive assessment of recent findings about the manufacture and use of Caddo pottery, touching on craft technology, artistic and stylistic variation, and links between ancestral production and modern artistic expression.

    The first volume of its kind for Caddo archaeology, Ancestral Caddo Ceramic Tradtions  is also a valuable reference on ceramic practices across the broader southeastern archaeological region.

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