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Abandoned Louisiana: Under a Bayou Moon

  • Abandoned Louisiana: Under a Bayou Moon is a photographic journey through the Bayou State by the light of the silvery moon. Some of these places are so hidden that, unless you are a local, you have no idea they even exist. Others are in plain sight, but are probably considered to be eyesores. These sites can take on an other-worldly appearance when photographed at night, with the addition of a little creative lighting.

    If you have an interest in the history of Louisiana, this unique view of over 200 years of history is for you. Some of these places have disappeared due to neglect or the never-ending desire of man to bulldoze and replace with newer, bigger, and better. Others are still around, perhaps hidden behind overgrowth or on empty country roads. Regardless, this book will provide readers with a rarely-seen glimpse into Louisiana's culture.

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