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A Pictorial History of DeQuincy, Louisiana

  • Several years ago, Railroad Museum guide Katy Haley and Harry Methvin began amassing a collection of old DeQuincy photographs and interesting tidbits of information about DeQuincy’s early citizens. One day Harry suggested that they compile a book of historical photographs of the city. They had good intentions but the project had a long gestation period. Vance Perkins, current president of the DeQuincy Railroad Museum Board with the board’s approval, motivated them to pursue the dream as a means of financial support for the museum. Such is the genesis of this volume.

    While researching our history, they learned of individuals who made incredible contributions to our fair city. They also uncovered information about our school system, government and religious organizations. They are eager to share this glimpse of the past and trust that it will be both informative and entertaining. We miss the belching steam locomotives and the wafting smell of turpentine, and we want the reader to know what life was like from 1897 through the 1950’s on this sacred tract.

  • ISBN: 978-1-68593-059-2


    184 pages

    8.5 x 11

    Index, Color Photos

    Publication 2022

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