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Thanks to the untiring works of many Hays family researchers we have a clear unbroken line of the family back to “John Hayes” of Great Budworth Parish, Chesire, England born in the year 1535. The Hays’ have taken on life in many fashions from the early days as Sea Captains, Politicians, Farmers, Cattlemen, Dairyman, Postal Workers, Policeman, Newspaper man, Salesmen, & Business owners; to serving in the military and some who have died for this country. Each one of these persons has made their mark in molding the family heritage. - Included in this volume is a comprehensive 3,100 name index.

Included related families of Barron, Blasingame, Camp, Cowan, Fuller, Gossett, Gray, Gregory, Haygood, Henderson, Hinton, Ingram, Jackson, Johnson, Kenerly, Loyd, Maddux, Marks, Pailloz, Reeves, Russell, Sarchet, Smith, Stanley, Wyant, and many other families.

A Genealogy of Hays and Hayes Families

  • ISBN: 9781952005497
    8.5x11 Hardcover
    216 Pages
    Published: 2021
    Features: Photos, Letters, Index

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