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Based loosely on facts from the Barbary Pirates era, it’s a whale of a tale that should keep fans of sailing ships, Moby Dick and pirating on the edge of their seats.  So batten down the hatches, and unfurl the sails to see where the tug of the wind takes you.  This is a tour of duty you’ll be glad you signed on for,

The Resurrection of James Temple

  • In the year 1850, a disgraced ex-Navy Captain by the name of James Temple signed on to work aboard a packet ship bound for Liverpool, England.  He took along with his ten year old son to teach him about sailing and the sea.  Neither Captain or son could have imagined what awaited them as they set foot in Liverpool to begin the next chapter of their lives as Virginia men living among the English.  In no time at all, James finds himself immersed into the shadowy world of spies and international intrigue coupled with a raging gun battle on the high seas against Barbary pirates over commerce rights in the Mediterranean Sea.  

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