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The Myrtles Plantation: The True Story of America's Most Haunted House

  • Broken clocks tick...beds rise in the air...paintings fly across the room...locked doors fling open...crystal chandeliers shake...heavy footsteps and eerie piano music sound in the dead of night -- and that's just for starters. Welcome to the Myrtles Long. Recognized as America's most haunted house both by parapsychologists and the media, The Myrtles is a twenty-eight-room Louisiana bed-and-breakfast once owned by Frances Kermeen.

    In this spine-tingling chronicle, Frances tells the story of how she was drawn to this former plantation mansion, its bone-chilling history, and the incredible encounters of the ghostly kind she had that forever changed her beliefs about the supernatural -- and just may change yours.

  • ISBN: 0446614157

    7"x4" Paperback

    323 Pages

    Published: February 2005

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