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Some Descendants of John Langley and Marie Willan.

The Langley Family of Southwest Louisiana

  • The information in this book has been compiled over a period of more than ten years of research by the author. In compiling the material presented numerous sources were used. Church and civil records were used extensively. The 1910 Lake Church fire in which the majority of the church's records for Calcasieu Parish were destroyed, made research somewhat difficult for the years prior to 1910.

    In 1765, a young John Langley (II) of Philadelphia arrived in the village of Kaskaskia, Illinois Territory. He was born in New York and was of English descent. In 1770 he married an Irish immigrant, Marie Willan from Waterford. Soon after they moved to the Natchez Territory of Louisiana. Langley is the progenitor of the majority of the people carrying the Langley surname in Southwest Louisiana.
    What caused him to leave the relative comfort on the East coast of the American Colonies for the rugged Western frontier will probably forever remain unknown. Perhaps it was a pioneer’s restlessness or a desire for adventure.

  • John Austin Young

    Wise Publications

    Page Count: 800

    6x9 Hardcover

    Black and White Illustrations and Photographs

    Published in 2002

    Index: Names and surnames

    ISBN: 978-1-68593-036-3

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